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We seek to publish the most challenging and thought-provoking flash fiction and essays. We believe only by confronting the bare bones of reality can we understand our place in the world.


Humanism is a stance that centres on the values and agency of humans. Therefore, antihumanism should negate this – a rejection of humans as the measuring stick for the rest of being.

Antihumanism is not necessarily the same as crude misanthropy – the hatred of humans. Yet, some who fall under its banner would consider human existence, on the balance of things, a bad thing and advocate for voluntary extinction.

Others find the deconstruction of human essentialism liberating, finding opportunities as traditional values and natures collapse. This includes posthumanists and transhumanists, imagining new futures liberated from frailty and mortality.

Yet, we argue the most significant impact of antihumanism is the critique of enlightenment prejudices. The creeping suspicion our values and goals are naught but petty bias, that universality, progress, and rationality are phantoms.

Many explore the themes of antihumanism, from fiction authors like Lovecraft and Ligotti to philosophers like Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Foucault. These writers defy simple labels: existentialism, postmodernism, absurdism, pessimism, cosmicism, and nihilism. Their failures – including bigotry and myopia – are symbolic of human fallibility.

Regardless of whether you accept the arguments of the above positions or disagree, we argue that antihumanist writings identify the greatest challenge of late modernity – the collapse of value – and spur the reader to respond.


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